Imagine a professional film memoir that's personal and created just for your family.

You do the sharing. We'll do the filming.

grandmother in legacy photo
military service in legacy film
child with dog in legacy photo

The greatest gift you can give

Your family is important to you. You've set up a will and trust for when you pass, but what about passing on your stories and wisdom? The reality is oral family histories can fade in just three generations.

Your stories. Your insights. 

They matter to your family. So preserve your life story for your children, your grandchildren, and future generations. We promise it'll be such a meaningful, lasting gift.

Legacy Films for Memorial Services

We know this is a heavy topic, but memorial services are a celebration of life. You can go beyond a slideshow and gift your family and friends with a personal tribute video. 


Have a special occasion coming up?

Do something different and have a legacy film for your next special event:

Anniversary/Vow Renewal - capture your love story.

Retirement Party - honor the dedication and commitment. 

 Birthday - celebrate another year!

“If you are thinking about making a legacy video of someone you love or of yourself, I would say do it.
...In the end, you’ll always have a professional, high quality video to watch on your own and to pass on to future generations. That’s the best part.”
— Andrea, granddaughter of Dolores and client