Jane & Kyle of Heart & Heritage
     My Ah-ma & Ah-gong as young parents

     My Ah-ma & Ah-gong as young parents

It all started on the other side of the world...

From Jane: My parents are from Taiwan. I was born and raised here in the U.S. Growing up, I felt very detached from my family's heritage and history as I was far far away from all my extended family and the country my parents grew up in. 

After I graduated from college as a film major, I took a 22-hour series of flights (which felt like forever) to visit family in Taiwan. Of course with my camera in hand, I wanted to document my trip. Then it dawned on me. I should film and interview my grandma (my Ah-ma). She is and was at that time the only living grandparent I had left. This was the time to do it. I don't know where the idea came from, but all I knew was that I wanted to capture her life story on film. I sat down with her and asked her questions that I had never asked her before. Right from the get go, I found out she was adopted which I had never heard about! After I got over that initial surprise, I continued to learn so much about her, from learning about how she met my grandpa (my Ah-gong) to hearing the songs she taught her children. From this beautiful experience, I felt closer to her and my heritage. 

I didn't know it then, but I had filmed my first legacy film. It's now something I cherish and am excited to share with my future children one day.

This personal experience inspired me to start Heart & Heritage Productions because I realized that as a professional filmmaker, I could help other families also preserve their history, stories, life lessons, and more. We are committed to creating legacy films that bring generations of families closer together. 

Let us help you preserve and honor your family legacy. 

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More about Jane & Kyle

Jane and Kyle met on a blueberry farm in California where they got to know each other while mucking horse stalls and weeding the blueberry field. Now, they live in the Seattle area and very much enjoy the mountains and trees. Together, Jane and Kyle dream of having a small farm one day with alpacas. 

A film graduate from Northwestern University, Jane has years of experience and continues to grow her love for filmmaking. Jane also loves food and cooking for people. When she is not filming, cooking, or eating, you might find Jane breaking out in song or attempting to accomplish a do-it-yourself project. She loves connecting with people and making them laugh. 

Kyle grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City and has a soft spot in his heart for BBQ. He went to school in Wisconsin where he studied social work and business, and developed a respect for good cheeses. Kyle thrives on meaningful conversations and being in nature. When Kyle is not daydreaming about a garden, you might find him listening to a history audiobook or telling a corny joke.