Family stories and memories preserved through film.


What are some of your favorite childhood stories?

What are you most proud of?

What in life has helped you grow the most?

What does it mean to you to live a good life?

If you could, what would you say to your great great grandchildren?


The answers to the questions might be at the forefront of your mind or might require some heavy digging, but nevertheless we believe in the importance of preserving and documenting these stories and insights. We believe in the power of stories to enrich life and connect us. 

In our society today, we create wills and do estate planning to pass down our tangible items to our loved ones. How about passing down our stories and life wisdom as well?

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What we do is make legacy film projects. What exactly is a legacy project? Well, click here to find out!

Read about why you should consider a   legacy project for a loved one

If you're wondering, "Should I?" Click here to see why a legacy project might be just for you and your loved ones.

“If you are thinking about making a legacy video of someone you love or of yourself, I would say do it.
You’ll never regret working with Jane, who is very friendly, can guide you through the process of making a legacy video, and knows how to tell a good story on film. And it’s not just the experience that I recommend. In the end, you’ll always have a professional, high quality video to watch on your own and to pass on to future generations. That’s the best part.”
— Andrea, granddaughter of Dolores and client