To our potential Listeners:

Stories connect us.

By asking your family members to share their stories, you give them an empowering gift. Your elders have lived through world events, different eras, changing times. They've also experienced individual triumphs, overcome obstacles, and had personal moments of joy and despair. By listening and understanding, you are affirming the storyteller's identity as an individual and as a part of human history. 

In turn, they give you a gift. Their stories become a part of your story. The act of listening and telling stories binds you stronger as a family. It's an act of love. By listening, you learn and when you learn, you grow. In recording their stories, we hope to preserve them for posterity.

What is it that you would like to know about your parents or grandparents or great-grandparents? What's a family story you've heard over and over again and want to capture on film? How did your parents become the people they are?

Now's your chance to ask.

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“Even going through the process of all of the pre-interview questions, I felt closer to my dad because I was learning new things about him I didn’t know. This knowledge gives me a deeper understanding and love for him I didn’t have before, and I am so grateful for this experience with Heart & Heritage Productions.”
— Courtney, daughter of Larry and client