What are Heart & Heritage family legacy films?

They're professional, high quality films that are personal and made just for your family. They're a valuable, life-enriching medium to pass on your values, life lessons, and wisdom. They're family keepsakes documenting your family history, stories and memories through film for future and younger generations. You get to tell your stories in your own words. They get to see you being you.

Our legacy films are cinematic, carefully crafted narrative pieces -- just as unique as you are! 

Legacy Film Services for Your Family

Portrait Legacy Films

These are smaller scope legacy films allow you to choose a special part of your life and go in-depth with it. Have a love story you want to share? Film and preserve it through a legacy film! Other options include legacy films about your career, military service, philanthropy, hobbies, and so much more! The possibilities are endless.


Tribute Legacy Package

Our Tribute legacy films are filmed interviews intertwined with family photos, home videos, and footage of special moments. This comprehensive package feature stories from birth to your life today. In this package, you will receive:

  • the full edited interview, about 1-4 hours

  • extended version of the carefully crafted narrative edit, 25-45 minutes

  • short version of the narrative edit, 5-10 minutes

  • additional footage taken (home tour, special events, etc..)


Family Event Films

Have a family reunion coming up? Or maybe a retirement party? An anniversary celebration? Have Heart & Heritage come and film the event. You want to cherish and remember these special moments!


Family Recipe Films

What better way to pass down your family favorite recipe than through gorgeous footage of your culinary masterpiece? Tell the story of why this recipe is a family favorite.


Family Business Legacy Films

Is your family business in transition to the next generation? Or does your business just have an amazing story? Consider having a legacy film about your business to pass on your origin story, values, and advice. The history behind your family business is something to be remembered and celebrated! 


Ethical Will & Letter Reading

Read aloud a letter specially written for a loved one to be seen at a later date. Imagine a young woman watching a film of her late grandmother reading a letter of encouragement and love on her wedding day.